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Expeption Error Options
Posted: Monday, May 11, 2009 11:48:42 AM
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My Calendar just stopped syncing FROM the BB to the Exhchange server, though it still works FROM exchange TO teh BB.
I've been working mobile for about the last week and didn't know it hadn't been syncing, is there anyway to get this back in line and still have it push my last weeks apoitments to exchange?

Error is:

[ERROR] - 05/11 13:15:29: Exception getting changes to PIM collection Event List.
Exception details: cr: AstraSync detected a large number of Event List deletiuons. Since this is likely an unintended result of removing a BIS account AstraSync will not perform the deletion. Turning event Listsyncing off and on will re-sync items from the server. Contact support for more assistance.

Vicky Cwilewicz
Posted: Thursday, May 14, 2009 5:57:30 AM
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If you go within AstraSync to Options > Sync Settings and uncheck calendar and then press Yes this will remove all the calendar entries from your device. Once this has finished check that your calendar is empty and then go in AstraSync and enable this under Sync Settings again.

This will remove the error BUT will also remove all calendar entries so any that are on your BlackBerry but not on your Exchange server will be lost. This is the easiest way to sort the problem if you are able to manually enter the missing events afterwards if there are not too many.

You could otherwise try backing up all your calendar data off your BlackBerry using the Desktop Manager. Also get your Exchange Admin to backup your calendar on the server. Get them then to clear your Exchange account calendar. Go then into Sync Settings uncheck the calendar and press Yes. This will clear the BlackBerry. Once it is cleared reload the BlackBerry backup on to your phone and sync this to the server. You will then need to get the Exchange Admin to load your account with the backup they took. This should hopefully merge the two sets of data together. We have no tried this out so it may not work. We would strongly suggest that you take a backup of everything first.

Lastly you could try uninstalling and then reinstalling AstraSync. When choosing to sync the calendar set it to 'keep device items'. This will then sync everything up to the server. This is very likely to result in duplication of events on the server which are time consuming to remove. http://forum.astrasync.com/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=2

If you server calendar contains calendar items that are all on your BlackBerry then you could try wiping the server calendar and then use this approach to upload everything from the BlackBerry to the server. This would however mean you lose all the server entries. We would strongly suggest that you take a backup of everything first.

What approach you take depends on how many events are different between the server and the BlackBerry and which if either you can lose.

Vicky Cwilewicz
AstraSync Support
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