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Calendar Does Not Sync Options
Go Blue
Posted: Saturday, May 2, 2009 6:29:47 PM
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I have installed on my BB, have sync'd successfully for the contacts, bi-directional.

On the first (and only the first) sync, 2 calendar entries sync'd from the computer to the BB (brand new computer, clean Outlook install and *very* few calendar entries). Nothing sync'd from BB to computer (49 calendar entries).

Since that time, after numerous auto and manual sync events, NO calendar data sync's in either direction.

I have uninstalled Astrasync, deleted all CICAL service book entries from the BB, confirmed that only the default calendar is present on the device (there are numerous gmail BIS accounts but all CICALs are deleted), and still no calendar sync.

(The contacts have duplicated and triplicated as a result, but I can manage that -- what's 1800 or 1900 deletes anyway :) -- just kidding -- I can manage that.

But ...... no joy with the calendar.

Suggestions ??

AT&T BB 8800 BIS Outlook 2007 sync Contacts & Cal only, not email at this point
Vicky Cwilewicz
Posted: Wednesday, May 6, 2009 7:55:51 AM
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Please can you first ensure that the default calendar is empty and not used by another application. If is then you will need to remove this and then reinstall AstraSync, as this will only work with the default calendar and sets up this association up on its initial install. Please then go into Menu > Options > Diagnostic Settings. Select the option 'Enable Diagnostics'. Hit Menu > Save.

Go to Sync Settings and uncheck the calendar. Check that this has finished removing all the entries from your calendar. Return to Sync Settings and tick calendar. Go to the Sync Status screen and note any errors that appear. Check to see if calendar events from your server have made it into the default calendar. Once this has finished go back into the Diagnostics Settings and turn off Diagnostics.

Once you have done this, email support@astrasync.com with your username and domain. Also in your email copy the link for this forum posting.

Please also let us know the BlackBerry model and OS you are using together with the server you are syncing against e.g Exchange 2003 or 2007

Vicky Cwilewicz
AstraSync Support
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