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Calendar Item Duplication Options
Posted: Thursday, April 9, 2009 12:19:22 PM
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I have just started trying out this product and noticed a calendar duplication issue. I have a recurring meeting on fridays that is on my calendar for months and months. When synching Astra duplicated this calendar item back to my server (Just all the future occrences, not including this weeks Friday meeting). When I deleted the duplicated calendar item it was removed from Outlook and the BB, but now the BB shows no meetings on Friday but Outlook shows the recurring meeting. I was able to reproduce this problem twice now.

Mail Server: Exchange 2007
Email Client: Outlook 2007
BB Phone: 8830

I used to be on the BES server but I issued a remote wipe to the phone and removed myself from BES.

Any suggestions?
Posted: Thursday, April 9, 2009 12:48:06 PM
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Hi Craig

When you installed AstraSync, did you have any data on the BB calendar, or did you select to delete any existing data?

There are some very specific recurring events that AstraSync will not sync due to some OS level bugs, those events are not handled correctly so AstraSync bypasses them.

Can you do the following?

-Under Options > Sync Settings, de-select the Calendar option. Hit Menu > Save. This will prompt you that all existing calendar data on the device (but NOT server) will be deleted. Hit Menu > Yes.

-Go into Options > Diagnostics Settings, select 'Enable Diagnostics' and press Menu > Save. This will start logging directly to our FTP server.

-Go back to the Sync Settings and reselect Calendar. Hit Menu > Yes. AstraSync will now try to sync the calendar data. Once it has completed, check the Debug Log for any errors and also the Sync status page. Note any errors.

-Check if the item is duplicated. If it is note the Subject so we can locate it in the logs.

-Delete the duplicated item on the Device. Hit Sync Now. Note what you have on the device and server.

-Finally go back into the Diagnostics Settings and turn off Diagnostics.

Once this is done please email support@astrasync.com to confirm and also provide your username/domain you are using in AstraSync so we can locate the logs on our servers.

Amit Patel
AstraSync Support
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