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Random Reboots on 9850 Options
Posted: Sunday, October 2, 2011 6:35:34 AM
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I installed Astrasync on the torch 2 9850. Everything works fine except it will cause random reboots at different time periods. I suspect it has to do with the peak/off peak schedule as it is more frequent during the day times. Also, I double check to ensure it wasn't a hardware issue as I returned the first torch 2 thinking it was defective for a new one. Everything worked well for a day until I installed Astrasync and reboots began. I didn't catch any errors (or I might've just missed it because it happened too fast). My OS is the stock Verizon one. I installed it with the OS out of the box and the forced update from RIM. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

Vicky Cwilewicz
Posted: Tuesday, October 4, 2011 6:16:29 AM
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Hi Wayne,

We are unaware of the issue you describe. Do you have any other third party applications on your device that may be causing this behaviour other than AstraSync? Does the reboot occur after performing a certain action? Are you able to reproduce this issue on demand? If so then we can try to gather some logs. Depending what these show we may need to do some more investigations.

During the time logging is on this will use your data connection. If you do not have an unlimited data plan then this will be expensive. You could use Wifi instead.

-Please go to Options > Diagnostic Settings with AstraSync and enable diagnostics and save. Tick Use Wifi if you are connecting via this.
-Sync Now in AstraSync then continue use until the phone reboots or you complete the action that makes it reboot.
-Once it has rebooted reopen AstraSync.
-Go back to Diagnostics Settings and disable diagnostics and save.

Please also follow the details here by Amit Patel (http://forum.astrasync.com/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=1007) to use javaloader to obtain the event log from your phone. Immediately after doing the steps above.

Please then email support@astrasync.com referencing this post with your username and domain from AstraSync so that we can find your logs here to review and attach the javaloader file it makes. Please also let us know if you see any errors appear on the screen.

Vicky Cwilewicz
AstraSync Support
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