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Review after 12mths use. Options
Posted: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 2:13:32 AM
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I thought I would post a 12mths review of AstraSync for users and potential subscribers.

A bit of background the software was installed on 3 x 8900's and 1 x 9700 all with up to date OS at the time of use. All syncing with Microsoft Exchange

November 2009 we trialled the software to see how exactly the sync would work and was pleased that it was syncing email, contacts and calender everything we required and so purchased the full licenses from December 09.

Unfortunalty where Astrasync falls down is if you are not tech savvey or even remotely interested in gadgets etc, because the software upgrades can cause havoc and time for users. At one point the software was getting many improvements through 2009 and was constanty having to uninstall and reinstall updates and sometimes the phones tried to download the update and fail half way, sometimes it would remove the old version and fail to install the new one. Then when it did install correctly it would duplicate calender events, even when you selected to erase all from the device to stop that from happening. All this was taking up to 2hrs per phone and when you have all other duties at work this was getting more than frustrating.

Just to make it clear we tried downloading updates via OTA with wireless connection not just 3g connection and also used the desktop install on occastions all had fails and success.

As a company we needed the software working well and many times we didn't have problems but on occasions it wasn't syncing email on Push settings we of course persevered and continued to work with the software, expecting the next install to correct the glitchy install and cluncky syncing.

I hope astrasync do not view this post as a complete knock to their software but just a users view, because on my 9700 I did find the software worked well even on OS 6 which many said slowed the running of most software.

Unfortunalty even though we have more than 8 months left on subscription we have moved to different phones now which we set up the companies emails etc in less than 45 seconds, and not only do emails look better but the sync is perfect with all aspects including tasks etc. (the new phones iphone4)

I think astrasync on upcoming updates need to concentrate on making the process of updating and removing of previous data very smooth and not so drawn out and with out errors.

Anyone looking at scaling the software out to many users just make sure you have alot of time to help people setting up, updating and generally resolving issues.



Vicky Cwilewicz
Posted: Thursday, March 24, 2011 8:00:45 AM
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Thank you for your comments. We would be interested in any user that experienced problems with upgrades to new versions.

As for Notes we do have this listed on our RoadMap for inclusion in future versions.

Vicky Cwilewicz
AstraSync Support
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