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Calendar & Contacts Syncing with FirstClass is incomplete Options
Posted: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 8:20:35 AM
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I have just installed the Astrasync software on my blackberry and configured it. I had no errors when installing and upon syncing, not all my calendar events are pulled across from FirstClass to the Blackberry. I have deleted the events from FirstClass and recreated them and then resynced and still they dont come across. It is the same with my contacts. I have just moved over from SyncJe to Astrasync and I was hoping that this would be more effective.

Please help!

Posted: Thursday, August 20, 2009 3:51:51 AM
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I've occasionally run into issues with FirstClass syncing too. It seems like sometimes there is a corrupt contact and/or calendar event that causes the sync to fail and putting back a fresh copy of the items in FirstClass seems to fix it. Here is what I've done in those situations to fix the issue (these steps are for the Contacts, but they should work for the Calendar too):

1) Turn off syncing until these steps are complete - changing the password in the server settings screen will do that.
2) Make a folder on your FirstClass desktop called "Temp".
3) Open your Contacts folder, highlight all the contacts, and drag them on top of the "Temp" folder. Before you release the mouse button, hold down the "Ctrl" key to make a copy of the contacts (instead of moving them).
4) Now that you have a copy of all your contacts in the Temp folder, delete all the contacts from your Contacts folder.
5) Highlight all the contacts in the Temp folder, drag them into the Contacts folder, holding down the Ctrl key to make a copy. You now have a new copy of all contacts in your Contacts folder.
6) Delete the Temp folder.
7) Fix the password from step #1 above and resync.

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