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Work vs. Personal Calendar Options
Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2009 9:35:44 PM
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Not sure if this is possible, but need to ask. I am currently in charge of evaluating this product for my company. I currently have a hand full of users in this group and have been asked this a couple of times. We have a couple of users that want to keep a work calendar and a personal calendar on the same BB, but keep them separate during the sync. Example, a user was already set up to sync their google calendar using google sync and one we loaded astrasync the google calendar was correct but the astrasync synced ALL the events on their work calendar. Is it possible to set it up to google sync handles the personal stuff and astrasync handles the work, but even though they show up on the same BB calendar they remain separate? I am very new to astrasync and fairly new to BB so please forgive me if this either is not a possibility, or very easy to do.

Thank you.
Vicky Cwilewicz
Posted: Monday, August 3, 2009 5:31:39 AM
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AstraSync will use the Default Calendar on your device and take any events on here and sync them to the server. It cannot distinguish whether these events have come from Exchange or Google

If your BlackBerry device supports multiple calendars and if you can specify in Google Sync which calendar it uses on the phone to be a different one (i.e not the default calendar) then you should be able to have the two calendars separate on your device. You will need to contact Google Sync for help to see if they can sync with a different calendar on the device.

Vicky Cwilewicz
AstraSync Support
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