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Posted: Thursday, May 13, 2010 11:37:31 AM
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I am doing some research on AstraSync compared to N0tifySync for a Blackberry device. We've run into a limitation with N0tifySync on the number of folders in a user's mailbox. If there are more than 3000 total folders in the account, the Blackberry will hang up indefinitely when first attempting to sync to the account. This user is the CEO of a company and archives ALL email messages so her mailbox is in excess of 10 GB. We have a hack workaround for now, but it's not going to work in the long term so we are considering trying AstraSync but don't want to run into similar issues. So are there any limitations as far as number of folders, number of messages or total size of a user's mailbox that will prevent AstraSync from working correctly? TIA
Ranald Lillie
Posted: Friday, May 14, 2010 9:21:01 AM
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Hello Ryan,

During the initial configuration and setup AstraSync only syncs with the default Contact, Calendar and Inbox on the mailbox.

This should allow AstraSync to complete the initial sync successfully. However just retrieving the list of the folders from the server will take a considerable amount of time.

Folders are then managed and subscribed from the Folder option within AstraSync.
This would allow your CEO to choose which folders she would like to subscribe to, rather than downloading all the data to the device.

Server-side unsubscribed folders are still available for use when moving messages from the inbox / subscribed folders.

Each folder, including the inbox, only displays the most recent 250 messages. There is no hard cap on the number of folders, however we have not tested up the level you are working with.

We generally recommend that users do not have more the 2000 contacts.

Overall with this many folders and this much data I would suggest that you are pushing the limits of the BlackBerry itself.

We do offer a 7 day free trial that would allow you to test AstraSync to see if it meets your needs.

Thank you,


Ranald Lillie
AstraSync Support
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